Photo: Luís Coelho (Revista Activa)



The way we communicate should reveal our potential. It should tell the world the ideas we stand for and the projects we believe in. It should show clearly what makes us unique.

Carla Rocha, Keynote Speaker

I remember the first time I turned on the microphone to speak at a local radio station in Albufeira. It was my première as an announcer and I had been preparing that moment for so long that I knew exactly what I was going to say. I knew the text by heart, word by word. I knew how I should use my voice, the pauses I was supposed to make, I even knew where I should smile. I had everything to do well, I thought. The truth is… it was a disaster. I froze when I turned on the mic, I wanted to speak but my tongue was rolling, I tried to organize a sentence in my head but I could not remember at all what I had memorized.

Yes, it was a disaster that determined all my career. A disaster that enabled me to grow as a communicator because it made me realize that things were not that easy and I had to work hard until I felt that I was doing great.

I believe that a great communicator is a construction, with effort, dedication and training. And that is exactly what we have to offer: training programs in the field of communication tailored to your needs. As a group, with your teams or in individual sessions with permanent follow-up.

I believe that the power of communication approaches us all, improves our personal and professional relationships and increases opportunities that we would hardly achieve if we could not express ourselves accordingly.

Our goal is helping you to become a great communicator, able to create strong links and to influence positively your teams, partners and clients.

Take part with your teams in the programs that we develop and you will be surprised by the results.