Marta Moncacha  The pacifier

Demonstrates how communication is the key tool in conflict prevention and management.

Ana Margarida Oliveira The defender of correct Portuguese

How the good use of the Portuguese language and the choice of words creates more impactful communication.

Carla Cristina Rocha The “decomplicator”

Attract customers, produce content and communicate simply, avoiding complications, on a stage or on social media.

Teresa Martins, The Windbreaker

Arranging, organizing and separating what is essential from what is accessory. Because all communication needs solid and key messages to be able to shine.

José Pedro Pereira The Wizard of Sound

Audio content producer. Transforms any team into radio stars in a business environment where employees are reporters, broadcasters and commentators for a day.

Maria João Pote The golden touch

Designer. Gives life and colour to any presentation, making communication more “visual”. Helps to show what we want to communicate in a unique way and tailored to the needs of each client.